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Here in Launceston at Jessups Solar Squad we do our best to make sure our customers are looked after with exceptional service for solar and AC installation and solid advice when it comes to Solar systems, Heat Pumps, and Air Purification. We can discuss your solar battery cost and your solar panel cost specific to your home and location. Jessups are a solar panels installer that you can trust. We are always delighted when our customers take the time to share that working with us has been a great experience. Please read some of their experiences below.

Solar is going well, and the Daikin ducted air conditioning and heat pump are fantastic in the colder weather. So, we are very happy. First power bill was $600 less than usual!



We recently had a solar system installed by Jessups. Kieran designed a great system, the installation by Ben was first rate, and Karen has today been absolutely AWESOME with her help in getting the tracking App running.



Good afternoon Mike. Jason and Mikala called in this morning just to finish off some outside pipework covers The unit fitting worked like a treat. Could you please take the time to thank them from both for us. As to the very professional fitting , safety standards , and communicating applied while on site. Much appreciated .

Craig & Jadge .

The new Daikin unit is working really well and keeping us nice and warm. Definitely performing better than our old one. Thank you Alan and Tanya

Alan & Tanya


Hi Mike

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great advice and service with the heat pump. Working a treat and has transformed a chilly dining room.  All the best. 



Everyone is happy with the cosy spaces now. Thanks again for your great work



No solar panel is created equal! Commonly you’ll hear about Tier 1 rated and CEC Approved panels. But there is a higher indication of quality, durability and performance, that is VDE Certification. To see how this might work for you, please be in touch for a personal solar analysis from our Launceston based solar experts using the Quote button below.

Suntech PV panels are one of the few solar panels that hold VDE certification. The VDE Quality Testing program is rigorous, it involves:

Module design and safety qualification Continuous inline quality monitoring Continuous offline site work monitoring

This means that the solar panels are built to perform and your investment is secure. Learn more about solar power with Solar Squad:

Solar Panels – Know The Difference!

See our Solar Energy and Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Services below:

Our Launceston Team can help you with the following:

Solar System Supplier

Discover how Jessups Solar Squad illuminates homes and businesses across Northern Tasmania with reliable solar power solutions. Embrace cost-efficiency and reliability year-round through our diverse range of high-quality solar systems.

Off Grid Solar

Venture beyond with Jessups Solar Squad’s selection of dependable off-grid or hybrid (grid-connected) solar systems tailored for Tasmanian homes off the conventional path. Our systems seamlessly integrate with unique home heating and insulation, maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs.

Commercial Solar Systems

Elevate your business with Jessups Solar Squad’s commercial solar systems, offering a multitude of financial and environmental advantages. Gain insights through our complimentary system analysis and projected return on investments, paving the way for a brighter future.

Solar Battery Storage

Ensure the durability and consistency of off-grid systems with Jessups Solar Squad’s top-tier battery storage. Coupling high-yield Suntech solar panels with Arvio’s Independence Day System, we deliver unmatched quality in solar systems.

Car Charging Systems and Solar Batteries

Dive into Jessups Solar Squad’s extensive array of solar batteries seamlessly integrated into various solar systems, reducing energy expenses year-round with premium batteries like the super capacitor Arvio Battery.

Residential Solar

Experience tailored residential solar systems engineered for swift return on investment, minimal maintenance costs, and tax-free solar credits. Our clients receive comprehensive projections on their investment returns.

Solar Performance Check

Rely on Jessups Solar Squad’s meticulous Solar Performance Checks to uphold the quality of your solar products. Our detailed inspections cover individual systems and comprehensive checks to identify and address any issues promptly.

Solar Panel Cleaning

While many of our solar panels are self-cleaning, Jessups Solar Squad provides thorough cleaning services and applies protective measures against environmental damage, ensuring the longevity of your solar systems.

Split System Heat Pumps

Indulge in optimal comfort without compromising efficiency with Jessups Solar Squad’s high-quality split systems. Our wall-mounted and floor standing units ensure consistent air distribution in any space.

Heat Pumps

Unmatched in efficiency, Jessups Solar Squad’s heat pumps integrate high-efficiency products with advanced technology adaptable to Tasmanian weather conditions, including Wi-Fi connectivity for convenience.

Ducted Heat Pump Systems

Experience year-round comfort throughout your entire space with Jessups Solar Squad’s reliable and efficient ducted systems. Our intelligent inverter technology and precisely matched airflow cater to diverse home and business needs.

Air Purifiers

Elevate your heating or cooling system with Jessups Solar Squad’s air purification systems, ensuring fresh, clean air in every room. Our servicing includes thorough checks and filter cleaning for optimal air quality.

Split System Servicing and Repairs

Benefit from Jessups Solar Squad’s comprehensive split system servicing and repairs across Northern Tasmania, including preventative measures to safeguard against future issues.

Heat Pump Servicing and Repairs

Trust Jessups Solar Squad for comprehensive servicing and repairs of your heat pumps, ensuring peak performance and energy efficiency.

Ducted Systems Servicing and Repairs

Count on Jessups Solar Squad for meticulous servicing and repairs of ducted systems, including maintenance of the condensate drain pan to prevent future issues.

Free Solar Consultation

Unlock the potential of your home or business with Jessups Solar Squad’s free analysis, providing insights into customized solar and heating/cooling systems. Receive a free quote and detailed return-on-investment projections.

Solar Rebate Assistance

Let Jessups Solar Squad guide you through the rebate process stress-free. We offer support with applications and paperwork to facilitate a smooth transition to sustainable, green energy.

Daikin Superdealer

As a Daikin Superdealer, Jessups Solar Squad offers installation and maintenance services for Daikin Split and Ducted systems, ensuring lasting performance with our expert team.

Solar Energy News

Solar heat pumps split systems batteries
The Tasmanian Government’s Energy Saver Loan Scheme is still available for homeowners who want to opt in now to save money in the future.  This scheme can finance up to $10,000 over 3 years for energy efficiency products including solar energy products, battery systems, electric heating […]
solar stc value
Small businesses may receive an additional 20% deduction for electrification and efficient use of energy in 2023–24. On 30 April 2023, the Australian Government announced it will provide businesses with an annual turnover of less than $50 million with an additional 20% deduction on spending that […]
advice 1
Electricity is in – Gas and other fossil fuels are out. A new, limited incentive nudges business towards energy efficiency. The small business energy incentive is the latest measure providing a bonus tax deduction to nudge the investment behaviour of small and medium enterprises (SME’s), this […]

How Solar Systems Work.

While solar technology can be complicated, connecting your panels to the main power grid in Tasmania is fairly simple. The setup for connecting solar panels to the power grid involves three basic steps:

Applications and rebates are arranged The solar PV panels and inverter are installed Your metre is upgraded to a smart meter

Once operational, solar power generated by the PV panels is converted to AC by the inverter. This power is then sent to the home for use. When needed, top-up power is provided by the electricity grid. All excess power generated at the property is sent through the feed-in meter, paid for by the electricity provider and used by neighbours on the grid..

Solar heat pumps split systems batteries

Launceston Service Areas

While we service state-wide, our team is based in Launceston.  Below you will find a list of areas that our service area includes, but is not limited to:

7250, Launceston | 7249, Kings Meadows | 7250, Riverside | 7277, Legana | 7249, Youngtown | 7248, Invermay | 7248, Mowbray | 7248, Newnham | 7248, Rocherlea | 7250, Norwood | 7250, Prospect | 7250, Ravenswood | 7250, St Leonards | 7250, Trevallyn | 7250, West Launceston | 7290, Hadspen

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