Servicing and maintenance of your heat pump is an annual necessity. It ensures that your unit is working to its fullest, is giving you the highest possible energy efficiency and prevents major damage.

But it needs to be serviced properly! Otherwise it’s just a waste money that leaves you exposed to higher running costs, expensive repairs and early life failure.

When booking a service with us, you are booking more than the average look over and clean. Our professional servicing is a refreshing change in the industry, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail.

We don’t stop at the outdoor unit, there is so much more that needs attention. As standard procedure, our highly competent technicians service both the indoor and outdoor units. Our comprehensive service includes many checks and adjustments. Here are a just a few of the elements we attend to:

Fixing deterioration of insulation We attend to any deterioration of the insulation. Particularly around exposed pipe work. This insulation can deteriorate from exposure and tampering by rodents and wildlife.

Checking fan bearings We check that the fan bearings on the indoor and outdoor unit are in good order. If you’re having trouble with any noise inside or out, this can sometimes be where the problem lies. We check this to ensure you don’t have any major problems between services.

Ensuring highest performance and energy efficiency How well is your unit actually performing? We check this too! With our performance level checks of the refrigerant system, including the compressor and the overall system. We ensure it is working as it best and most efficient.

Flushing it out We check and flush the condensate drain pan to ensure it is cleared. A blocked drain will result in eventual compressor failure due to corrosion damage. We also, flush drain piping to prevent blockage.

Cleaning of the indoor unit.

Thoroughly cleaning We clean the units, inside and out! Including, air filters, heat exchanger fins and the horizontal louvers, to ensure the units continue to work effectively and safely.

Plus, on the outdoor unit, we apply protectants to the plastic and painted surfaces to enhance protection against rust, UV and other contaminant deterioration.

We all know life gets busy, so we can now contact you when your service is due. It is important to us that your heat pump is well looked after to ensure it runs efficiently for years to come.

For a service that goes above and beyond,  contact us today to get your heat pump in top shape.