Your Locally Owned Business

We are a 100% Tasmanian owned and operated business dedicated to providing quality solar, heating and cooling solutions that are best suited to the Tasmanian environment.

As Tasmanian’s ourselves we understand the local climate & energy industry. Through experience, we know what works and only recommend solutions that suit.

We do it right the first time with quality equipment that gives greater performance, a higher return on investment and incredible reliability.

We are committed to giving you quality service. Whether you are considering a new system, or have a question. 20 minutes or 20 years after your installation, we are always here to help.

Serving Tasmania for Over 80 Years

You may recognise the name “Jessups”, that’s because we have been in business of for over 80 years in Launceston, Tasmania. Our history is loooooong with plenty of details that our friendly staff will tell at length given half a chance. But for you, we’ll keep it short!

Jessups started in 1939 when Mark Jessup started selling light globes from his push bike! Mark grew the business into a state-wide presence making Jessups a household name as an electrical appliance retailer.

When John Thirgood took over in 1984, he diversified Jessups and often led the market to bring Tasmanians the best in electrical. Jessups was always one of the first to stock the new technologies. Including VCRs, C64 computers (remember those!), mobile phones, bread makers, electric toothbrushes and play stations.

Staying in the forefront, it was a natural progression that John realised the potential of using reverse cycle air conditioners in the cold Tasmanian climate. With Jessups naming them “heat pumps”, Tasmanian’s began to catch on. Today, the affectionately named “heat pump” is now Tasmania’s first choice for space heating.

As affordable solar energy generation became accessible, the Jessups team quickly recognised the opportunity for Tasmanians to take control of their energy. Adding solar power to our already extensive range of products, we embraced the future direction in electrical.

Moving with the times, in 2013 Jessups left behind electrical appliances to focus solely on solar and energy efficient solutions. Now located on Wellington Street with the new name ‘Jessups Solar Squad’, the team remains committed to providing quality solutions suited to the Tasmanian environment.

Having been in the solar business for over 20 years now, Jessups have installed 1000’s of solar systems and well over 10,000 heat pumps across Tasmania!

Our Team


Owner / Director

Our new business Owner / Director, Sally bought the business in October 2021. Sally is completely focused on ensuring the Jessups brand continues to be known for delivering quality products and services at affordable prices and is 100% committed to ensuring all our customers have the best possible experience.


Business Improvement

Karen is skilled in operations and business improvement.With a passion for customer service, Karen ensures our customers are always our first priority. As the Business Improvement Manager, Karen drives efficiency in our day-to-day operations and improves co-ordination of our sales and service teams to ensure a better outcome for our valued customers.


Operations  Manager

Mike has been with Jessups for 48 years and his dedication is still as strong as ever. You will find that his knowledge of all aspects of solar and heat pumps is endless. With a knack for details and the ability to listen to clients’ needs, he quickly identifies the best solution. Mike is always willing to go the ‘extra yard’ for everyone to ensure they have exactly what they need.


Business Development & Sales

Kieron leads our sales department with a wealth of knowledge around business development and sales and has held various senior positions in the solar, finance and technology industries. Kieron’s effervescent and friendly demeaner is contagious and he really balances out the team with his sales knowledge and experience. Kieron will always listen intently to customers to ensure he delivers a solution that meets and exceeds their needs.


Heat Pump Servicing

Jason is our multi skilled in-house technician being a Mechanical Engineer and a Refrigeration Mechanic. Jason is the ultimate professional and will always conduct a full performance test prior to commencement of any service task to ensure the service is warranted. Jason has developed detailed procedures for the servicing of ducted and room air conditioners and ensures our customers are consulted if any issues are found. No matter what he is doing, Jason always delivers service with professionalism and a smile.

Jessups Heat Pump and Solar Installation Team

Our trusted core of six loyal and hard working subcontractors have a combined industry experience of over 150 years! They understand Jessups commitment to quality service and installation outcomes and continue to proudly exceed customer expectations. Hardly a week goes by before we again have customers go out of their way to compliment the work and manner of our installation subcontractors.

Local Installers

“Hardly a week goes by before we again have customers go out of their way to compliment the work and manner of our installation subcontractors.”

providing quality solar heating and cooling solutions that are best suited to the Tasmanian environment
providing quality solar heating and cooling solutions that are best suited to the Tasmanian environment