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Previously: Oct 10 2022

Guy Barnett, Minister for Energy and Renewables,

The Tasmanian Government’s Energy Saver Loan Scheme has taken a major step forward with Brighte Capital confirmed as the finance partner and program provider.

This is an important step to help make energy more affordable and sustainable for Tasmanians.

The Energy Saver Loan scheme will provide interest free loans of between $500 and $10,000 over 3 years to private residential customers, small business customers and landlords of residential rental properties to invest in energy efficient products to help lower their electricity bills.

Energy efficient products will need to be purchased, and installed, through a network of accredited vendors.  Brighte already has a network of accredited vendors across Tasmania and is now working with the energy efficiency sector to extend that network to support the Scheme.

Eligible products will include installations such as rooftop solar panels, battery storage, heat pumps, energy efficient appliances, double glazing and insulation.

This is an important part of a suite of targeted measures to support Tasmania’s with the cost of their electricity bills.

Most eligible concession card customers will have already received the Winter Bill Buster payment of $180, or will shortly, when they receive their first account after August 1.

This Bill Buster Payment is made up of a one-off bill credit of $119 for electricity consumed during winter 2022 and an ongoing $61 increase in this year’s annual electricity concession discount (bringing the total annual electricity concession discount this year to $574). There has also been a significant uptake of Aurora+ since the fee for its use was removed.

Separately, the Government continues to invest $4.5 million each year on upgrading our social housing stock to increase energy efficiency, including things like double glazing, insulation, ventilation upgrades, cladding, heating, hot water systems, energy efficient lighting, floor covering and roofing upgrades.

Brighte Founder and CEO Katherine McConnell said Brighte was delighted to support the Tasmanian Government to deliver their progressive policy objectives and to play a part in helping Tasmanians get the benefit of affordable finance to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient.

The Energy Saver Loan Scheme further builds on the Government’s 2021 election commitment to expand the Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme.

The Scheme will start to be delivered in October and for more information and to pre-register your interest for an interest free loan and to check your eligibility, please visit:

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