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As a retailer of Suntech Solar Panels, we are proud to see that Suntech has yet again proven to be amongst the highest quality solar panels in the world. Suntech is one of only two brands worldwide to hold VDE certification.

Our SMA inverters are top of the range, they are the only inverters worldwide to be awarded VDE Certification.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC), as the governing body overseeing the solar industry in Australia, highly regard the VDE quality certification process.

“However, in regard to all the other panels on the list that do not have VDE specific test validation, it is interesting to note that CEC have this to say: At this stage, the CEC does not indicate whether modules on the CEC-approved list have passed these test programs.”
– Enhanced PV module quality, Clean Energy Council.

So, What Is VDE Quality Certification?

Following is an extract from the Clean Energy Council information on PV module quality. It outlines how rigorousness the testing and auditing is for VDE quality assurance:

“Rigorous testing and surveillance of existing standards is provided by this certification program, which has been developed to provide assurance of increased reliability and durability of modules. Along with quarterly laboratory testing of a sample of production modules, it also requires production line sample testing on a daily basis, with some tests required for 100% of production.

Some of the testing involves additional test cycles and higher sampling rates than required by the international standards. The associated VDE Quality Tested certificate ensures that all production modules meet the very high standards set.”
– Enhanced PV module quality, Clean Energy Council.

By installing the Suntech panels with an SMA inverter you have the security of knowing that you have purchased of the world’s best brands. This will ensure that you have optimum performance for decades.

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