How to Slash Your Electricity Bills


Improve your energy efficiency

Windows are the worst for energy leakage

5 things you can do to improve the energy efficiciency of your windows

Retro-fit double glazing is a good option

7 important steps for you to take to reduce cold air ingress into your home

New improved heat distribution systems

Tap into renewable green energy

Other important benefits


Today, electricity is more expensive than ever. Yet it's likely to get even more expensive as the oil price continues to rise. In addition to the rising oil price, Electricity prices continue to spiral upwards never will power prices stop rising as the upsurge in cost of electricity production rise in the new era where environmental concerns are dominating the globe. Compared to previous years, people are now paying hundreds, or even thousands of dollars extra a year on their energy bills. But you don't have to settle for paying hefty energy bills for the rest of your life. That's because it's possible to slash your energy bills by up to 97% …

Without overly cutting back on your comfort unnecessarily.

Without restricting your usage of heating and cooling , hot water, lighting, and electrical appliances etc.

Without compromising the quality of your life.

How? Well, there are two steps. First,

Improve your energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a measure of the amount of energy waste out of the total energy usage. As it turns out, many families have low energy efficiency and generate a lot of energy waste. Maybe they have a Heat Pump that's too small (or too big). Maybe they live in a home with poor insulation. Maybe they have a "Hydro Till" or two, or more ! lurking unknowingly in their home, use appliances that are too old, or of poor quality. But whatever the reasons, the fact is they are paying extra for the energy waste. That's why if you can improve your energy efficiency and rat out the "Hydro Tills" and it's not only what's plugged in that wastes energy in your home, you can save yourself a bundle in your energy bills. In a moment, I'll tell you an easy way to find out whether your energy efficiency is high, or low… and how to improve it.

Windows are the Worst for Energy Leakage

Your home is your sanctuary but there are many factors that can reduce the quality of your living environment and the ability to enjoy a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Windows are an important feature of your home; they add natural light, views, and a connection with the outside environment. However, windows are the worst for energy leakage for most houses. Natural light is great but it comes at great cost. They let too much heat inside in the summer and too much cold inside in the winter. Doing anything is better than nothing. Many window furnishings are very poor in regards to heat loss/ ingress whilst bubble wrap or cardboard over windows can assist , these options are not the prettiest.

5 Things you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your windows to save on energy costs:

1. Make sure your curtains are a snug fit to your window areas. Change the way they hang to make sure that the sides, centre and bottom sealed to prevent cold air fall into the room.

2. Make sure your blinds/curtains are rubber backed for more insulation

3. Check all your windows and frames for any cold air ingress and seal any gaps.

4. Pelmets are a good option for stopping heated air ingress in through the top of windows. Chilled air that contracts and becomes heavier falls out of the window areas into the room. In summer, conversely, the gap at the top of the window allows hot air to rise off the glass and into the room creating unwanted heat to the room.
Yes … just consider windows as chill zones in winter and heat zones in summer!

5. Retro-fit double glazing your windows is a good option for thermal comfort, energy efficiency and noise reduction. The new technology in retro-fit double glazing has efficiency ratings equals to the Argon Gas filled systems and is far better than the previous systems of air filled double glazing.

Retro-Fit Double Glazing is a Good Option for Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction

A sustainable and environmentally friendly home relies on the performance of its windows. Double glazing creates a greener home. Using less energy on artificial heating and cooling reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced, and by conserving energy usage you will save money on energy bills , paying for themselves and creating ongoing savings and adding asset value to you home. Retrofitting is a popular choice for sustainable living because it has a lower impact on the environment by using existing materials instead of replacement windows that create waste.

7 Important steps for you to take to reduce Cold Air Ingress into your home

Improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills

1. Close off all ceiling rose vents, wall vents, and side chimney vents. Look for a dust trail from outside and use that to work out where your cold air is coming from.

2. Close off and seal open fire place holes and cap your chimney tops.

3. Fix poorly fitted doors and door jams. Seal up all gaps around these areas.

4. Close off all breezeways under your house. Access doors, garage doors and large air vent need to be sealed. Small vents are ok.

5. Check your range hood operation in your kitchen. Whilst extracting heat and steam, a range hood also extracts air from the room. Don't over run these. Even when off cold air falls down into your room space so sealing other air leaks in the room will reduce this effect.

6. Look at trees that effect east west and northern windows. Deciduous trees are best so that they will give you shade in summer but let in the sun in winter, awnings are another option .

7. Run your hand around your window frames and feel for gaps and cold air squeezing through any gaps and seal them off.

Attention: Wood/Gas/Oil/Direct Electric Heating Owners
New Improved heat distribution systems

Generally speaking, when you use these types of heating you will find that the primary room where the heating appliance is housed, in most cases, has excess hot air in that area that can be distributed elsewhere to reduce or replace "hydro tills" or gas guzzlers etc in other areas.

"With heat transfer system you can eliminate more energy costs by not needing or reducing running costs on heating appliances in hallways and bedrooms."

What does this mean for you? Well, keep reading. We all warm the room that we spend the most time in. This can result in the rest of the house become cold and damp. It is also often the case that the room where the heat source is (such as a wood heater) can get too hot. Using a heat transfer system you can distribute the warmth in your house to other rooms, especially bedrooms and hallways.

Plus, and this is a big one …. Take free solar heat and excess ceiling heat that has migrated to your ceiling space from your existing heat source and get that heat back into your home to create comfort and reduce energy waste further … now that's smart ………………

But let's move on…

Second, and this is a biggie –

Tap into renewable, green energy.

It is free energy that you can use, which in turn allows you to slash your energy bills by up to 97%. Now you may be concerned about the cost of installing a green energy system, like solar power, solar hot water or a heat pump system. But actually, it's less than you'd think. And the best part…

The Government Pays You For Using Green Energy

Frankly, now is probably the best time ever to install a green energy system and convert to using green energy. Why? Because the government and S.T.C.'s credits pay you for doing so.

They will ...

Offer solar power system S.T.C. rebates. The "S.T.C.'s Rebate" from the "Office of Renewable Energies Regulator" amount of "S.T.C.'s Rebate" varies depending on the type of green energy system you but we have shown current typical rebates available for systems suitable for Tasmanian homes.

But that's not all. If you choose the right supplier, in some cases you can have the green energy system paid by a loan with up to 5 years interest free. And you can pay the installments with the savings you make from the reduced energy cost, in some cases, the savings are enough to cover the installments. That means you could get the green energy system… and enjoy more comfort at home for literally FREE!

Other Important Benefits…

In addition to cost savings, using green energy offers many other important benefits too. For example: The Solar advantaged heating & cooling system a "Heat Pump" system is more effective than traditional system at keeping your home at cosy temperatures. So you and your family will feel more comfortable at home year round. Here's another important benefit. Using green energy helps salvage our much polluted environment.

Our wood smoke problem in most areas has already been dramatically reduced by the almost tidal switch to Heat Pumps in Tasmania over the last decade or so.

Did you know that Australia is among one of the top countries in emitting carbon dioxide into the environment? According to the survey data from the International Energy Agency, each person in Australia emits an average of 18.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Yes, 18.8 tonnes! Just below the amount for the US (19.1 tonnes). That's why it's critical that we, Australians, take the initiative to reduce carbon dioxide emission, and help salvage our environment. And one of the best ways to do so is to convert to using green energy.

Now there's a wide variety of green energy systems and products available on the market. How do you know which system is best for your needs? Call the team at Jessups Solar Squad for the best adice and the best prie on your products to SLASH YOUR POWER BILLS!